Two-Decade Success Streak Ends with PSLV Launch Failure on IRNSS-1H Mission

A streak of 36 successful launches over a period of 18 years ended on Thursday when India’s PSLV rocket suffered an in-flight failure that left its payload – a replacement satellite for the Indian Regional Navigation Satellite System – in a lower- than-planned orbit and possibly trapped underneath the rocket’s payload fairing.

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More Trouble in GEO: Indonesia’s Telkom 1 Satellite Sheds Debris, Starts Drifting

More trouble appears to be brewing in Geostationary Orbit as reports emerged this week of a satellite breaking apart in prime orbital real estate – the second such incident in as many months, adding to an already significant population of debris and zombie satellites

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China’s Long March 5 Fails on Second Orbital Mission, innovative Shijian-18 Satellite lost

China’s heaviest rocket lifted off from a picturesque tropical launch site on Hainan Island at sunset on Sunday, rising into sunlight shortly after blastoff before disappearing in the night on its second orbital mission.

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