Twilight Ariane 5 Launch with Dual-Satellite Payload marks Resumption of Missions from French Guiana

Europe’s Ariane 5 rocket thundered into the afternoon skies over the Guiana Space Center on Thursday, embarking on a heavy-lift mission to haul a pair of communications satellites into orbit for Brazil and South Korea.

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After Strike Ends, Ariane 5 reaches French Guiana Launch Pad for Dual-Payload Delivery Mission

Europe’s Ariane 5 rocket rolled out to its French Guiana launch pad on Wednesday for a long-delayed dual-satellite delivery that was held up for over a month by a general strike in the small French department that caused operations at the space base to grind to a complete halt.

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Operations Resume at Europe’s Guiana Space Center after Month-Long Stand Still

The Guiana Space Center returned to operations on Monday after protests and a general strike brought French Guiana to a halt for over a month, interrupting work a the European-run spaceport and as a result delaying three missions out of the equatorial launch base.

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