Russia’s Kanopus ST Satellite meets its End in fiery Re-Entry after failed Launch

Russia’s Kanopus ST ocean surveillance satellite met its untimely end over the Atlantic Ocean in the early hours on Tuesday, re-entering the atmosphere along with its Volga upper stage from which the satellite failed to separate after launch. Orbital data released in the overnight hours showed that a piece of debris detached from the spacecraft and re-entered about an hour prior to the parent object.

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Coverage: Russian Submarine-Tracking Satellite heads for Destructive Re-Entry

The Russian Volga Upper Stage and Kanopus ST submarine-tracking satellite are rapidly approaching an untargeted destructive re-entry after completing a significant orbit-lowering maneuver in response to the failed separation of the satellite following its arrival in a 690-Kilometer orbit on Saturday.

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NK-33 Engine set for first Flight after Antares Failure – Soyuz 2-1v Launch re-aligned for Saturday

A Russian Soyuz 2-1v rocket is set for liftoff from the Plesetsk Cosmodrome on Saturday after its launch was delayed on Friday due to technical issues with the payload. Hidden under the payload fairing of the Soyuz rocket is the Kanopus ST ocean and weather research satellite that is to become a part of the Kanopus program serving a dual role under military and civilian operation.

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