Second-To-Last Delta II Successfully Delivers JPSS-1 Weather Satellite to Orbit

The second-to-last Delta II rocket lit up the night over California’s Vandenberg Air Force Base in the early hours on Saturday, taking to the skies with the JPSS-1 Weather Satellite for NASA and NOAA, set to become America’s primary meteorological spacecraft in Polar Orbit.

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Nighttime Delta II Launch Attempt Halted by Technical Issue & Fouled Range

ULA’s Delta II rocket was forced to abandon a nighttime launch attempt from California in the early hours on Tuesday due to a technical issue with the rocket’s second stage engine actuator as well as a fouled range with boasts in the offshore hazard area where the vehicle’s ground-lit boosters were expected to impact.

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Penultimate Delta II Rocket Stands Ready for JPSS-1 Weather Satellite Launch from California

The penultimate Delta II rocket stands ready for an early morning liftoff from California’s Vandenberg Air Force Base on Tuesday with the first operational satellite of the Joint Polar Satellite System, the next generation of low-orbiting weather satellites operated by NASA and NOAA.

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