Photos: Nighttime Ariane 5 Liftoff with Intelsat Satellite Pair

Europe’s Ariane 5 thunders off from the Guiana Space Center in a post-sunset liftoff on Wednesday, successfully lifting a pair of satellites into orbit for telecommunications provider Intelsat, marking the first time two Intelsat birds were lifted by the same booster.

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Intelsat Pair lifted into Orbit in Record-Setting Ariane 5 Launch

Lighting up the night at the edge of the Amazon, Europe’s Ariane 5 rocket boosted a heavy pair of Intelsat communications satellites into orbit on Wednesday and in the process pushed its record for the heaviest payload delivered to Geostationary Transfer Orbit.

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Ariane 5 rolls out for first Dual-Payload Launch for Telecom Giant Intelsat

Europe’s workhorse rocket, the trusted Ariane 5, rolled to its launch pad at the Guiana Space Center on Tuesday in preparation for a rare dedicated launch on Wednesday, lifting two satellites operated by the same company into orbit.

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