Soyuz Rocket Fires into Orbit with Fourth Group of O3b Network Satellites

A Russian-built Soyuz rocket soared into the skies over the Guiana Space Center on Friday with the fourth set of O3b broadband satellites joining twelve constellation craft launched in recent years to connect those parts of the world where Internet access is not readily available through conventional means.

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Soyuz Rocket set for Friday Liftoff from French Guiana with Next Set of O3b Broadband Satellites

The first Soyuz launch from the Guiana Space Center in nearly ten months is on tap on Friday as a ‘Europeanized’ version of the Russian workhorse stands ready to soar into orbit with the fourth set of O3b broadband Internet satellites.

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SES Orders Super-Powered Satellites from Boeing to Expand O3b Broadband Services

Satellite operator SES ordered seven ‘super-powered medium earth orbit (MEO) satellites’ from Boeing to join the O3b satellite constellation orbiting over the equator to add high-capacity services forecast to be in demand to deliver data connectivity to more ships, aircraft, businesses and homes.

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