Maiden Electron Launch Cut Short by Faulty Ground Equipment

Launch Services Provider Rocket Lab on Monday shared details on why the inaugural launch of the company’s Electron rocket failed to reach orbit, concluding that a faulty piece of ground telemetry equipment was responsible for the flight’s untimely end as opposed to a problem with the launch vehicle.

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Electron’s “It’s a Test” successfully reaches Space, falls short of Orbit

Rocket Lab joined the ranks of only a few private companies capable of sending rockets into space, debuting their innovative Electron rocket on Thursday in a long-awaited shakedown mission. However, the rocket fell short of reaching orbit, Rocket Lab said after the test flight.

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Launch Week Arrives for Rocket Lab’s Electron

An innovative new rocket relying on electrically-driven engine pumps, 3D-printed components and an all-composite structure stands ready for liftoff atop its New Zealand Launch Pad to become the first in a series of Small Satellite Launch Vehicles to reach the commercial market, offering affordable access to space.

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