Re-Entry: Long March 4B Rocket Body

Photo: Xinhua

A spent Long March 4B rocket stage re-entered the atmosphere on January 8, 2017 over the Canadian territory after seven months in orbit.

NORAD ID: 41559
Origin: China
Object: CZ-4B Rocket Body
Type: Long March 4B Upper Stage
Dry Mass: 1,700kg
Inclination: 97.3°
Launched: May 30, 2016 – 03:17 UTC
Launch Vehicle: Long March 4B
Launch Site: Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center, China

Re-Entry Prediction: January 8, 2017 – 04:15 UTC +/-1 Min.

Re-Entry Zone: Pacific Ocean

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Re-Entry Orbit
Image: Spaceflight101/Orbitron