ISS Operations Update – March 11, 2016

Photo: NASA
Photo: NASA

Space Headaches Questionnaire

Seismoprognoz Data Download [Seismoprognoz will measure the temporal and spatial scales of ionospheric disturbances caused by seismic phenomena in order to develop algorithms to detect plasma features of earthquakes and anthropogenic impacts from space-based instruments. The payload consists of an external monoblock, a Data Control and Acquisition Module, an attachment kit, flash memory and associated cables and connectors.]

Health Maintenance System (HMS) – Nutritional Assessment (ESA)


Nominal Inspections/Servicing Tasks (Morning Inspection, Caution & Warning Panel Check, Sozh System Maintenance) (Russian Crew)

Common Communications For Visiting Vehicles (C2V2): Tim Kopra finishedthe week-long installation activity by installing a pair of communications units – completing the installation of the C2V2 system, connecting external antenna units to internal power and data systems. Function testing is expected to pick up at the end of March.

Combustion Integrated Rack (CIR) Alignment Guide Removal

Installation of updated software on RS1 Laptop

Other Activities:

Robotic Onboard Trainer (RoBOT) On Board Training for Cygnus OA-6 arrival

Cargo Ops: Crew Provisions Relocation from Pressurized Mating Adapter (PMA)1 to Node 1 in preparation for OA-6 cargo transfers

ESA Weekly Crew Conference

Progress M-29M Cargo Operations

PAO Event

Tweets from Space: