ISS Operations Update – February 5, 2016

Photo: NASA/Scott Kelly
Photo: NASA/Scott Kelly

Combustion Integrated Rack Maintenance & Bottle Replacement

Pilot-T [This experiment puts crew members through complex tasks, such as piloting a space vehicle, at various stages of a long-duration mission to assess crew member performance reliability over long mission durations.]

VEG-01 Investigation –Plant Photos [VEGGIE or Veg-01 is a deployable plant growth unit to be set up on the Space Station to demonstrate the feasibility of a space garden. The experiment facility provides lighting and nutrient supply and is capable of supporting a variety of plant species that can be cultivated for educational outreach, fresh food and even recreation for crewmembers on long-duration missions. Thermal control is provided from ISS in-cabin systems and the carbon dioxide source is the ambient air aboard ISS.]


Nominal Inspections/Servicing Tasks (Morning Inspection, Caution & Warning Panel Check, Sozh System Maintenance) (Russian Crew)

Node 3 Carbon Dioxide Removal Assembly (CDRA) Repair: Detailed Article

arbon Dioxide Removal Assembly Repair Clean-Up

Removal of SSIKLOPS Satellite Deployment Mechanism from JEM Airlock Slide Table

Other Activities:

Robotics: The Special Purpose Dexterous Manipulator (SPDM) continued a three-day demonstration of the transfer of battery style Orbital Replacement Units (ORUs) prior to the deliver of new batteries to ISS as external cargo on the HTV-6 mission. This demonstration is hoped to show that SPDM can handle the batteries and cut the need for installation spacewalks. The SPDM operation will be the robot picking up a spare MBSU Flight Releasable Attachment Mechanism (FRAM) from Express Logistics Carrier (ELC)-2 to the Enhanced ORU Temporary Platform (EOTP) on SPDM. The second part of the demonstration of the Right-hand Off-Set Tool (ROST) to unfasten the secondary attachment bolt of the MBSU.

Cygnus Cargo Transfer Operations

Education & Public Outreach classroom videos

Post-EVA Tool, Suit & Airlock Configuration