ISS Operations Update – April 29, 2016


Multi-Purpose End-to-End Robotic Operations Network (METERON) – Experiment Ops (METERON uses a ground-based rover that is remote-controlled by an astronaut aboard the International Space Station to demonstate the feasibility of controlling surface robots in real time from an orbiting spacecraft with prospects for future Mars exploration. Tim Peake controlled a rover named Bridget in the Airbus Mars Yard in Stevenage, UK. The primary goal of the test was to demonstrate science target identification and rover maneuvering in challenging lighting conditions.]

ENERGY Diet Logging & Sample Collection [Energy = Astronaut’s Energy Requirements for Long-Term Space Flight – Human Research Payload. ENERGY measures changes in energy balance during long term space flight, adaptations in the components of the Total Energy Expenditure and it will derive an equation for the energy requirements of astronauts. For the crew members, ENERGY includes a special diet, urine sampling, oxygen uptake measurements and diet logging.]

Wet Lab RNA SmartCycler Experiment Session [The Wetlab RNA SmartCycler provides real-time quantitative gene expression analysis aboard ISS, enabling genomic studies in the unique space environment.]

MSPR Microscope closeout

Node 1 Reconfiguration

Dragon SpX-8 Cargo Operations