december, 2017

23dec01:26H-IIA (F37) • GCOM-C

Event Details

Launch Date: December 23, 2017
Launch Window: 01:26:22-01:48:22 UTC
Launch Vehicle: H-IIA
Launch Operator: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Launch Site: Pad 1, Yoshinobu, Tanegashima Space Center, Japan
Payload: GCOM-C (Global Change Observation Mission)
Satellite Operator: JAXA
Secondary Payload: SLATS (Super Low Altitude Test Satellite)


A Japanese H-IIA rocket will launch the GCOM-C (Global Change Observation Mission) to collect surface and atmospheric measurements to help follow Earth’s carbon cycle and monitor the radiation budget and their climate implications. The 1,950-Kilogram satellite hosts a single payload known as SGLI (Second Generation Global Imager) to collect polarization-sensitive measurements of aerosols, multi-spectral visible and infrared imagery via push- and whiskbroom scanners. SLATS is riding shotgun on the H-IIA rocket, aiming to spiral down into a 220-Kilometer orbit where it will demonstrate low-altitude operations.


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(Saturday) 01:26 UTC


Tanegashima Pad 1

Yoshinobu Launch Complex LP-1, Japan, 〒891-3793 Kagoshima-ken, Kumage-gun, Minamitane-chō, Kukinaga, 南種子町茎永麻津