december, 2017

23dec01:27Falcon 9 • Iridium-4

Event Details

Launch Date: December 23, 2017
Launch Window: 01:27:23 UTC
Launch Vehicle: Falcon 9 FT (Flight-Proven 1st Stage)
Launch Operator: SpaceX
Launch Site: SLC-4E Vandenberg Air Force Base, California
1st Stage Recovery: None
Payload: Ten Iridium-NEXT (31-40)
Payload Operator: Iridium Communications


A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket will launch ten Iridium-NEXT mobile communications satellites into Low Earth Orbit in the continued effort to replace the entire heritage Iridium constellation with upgraded satellites supporting global communications, aeronautical monitoring and ship tracking. This is the fourth launch in support of Iridium-NEXT in 2017 and marks the halfway point of deploying the operational constellation of 75 satellites, all missions are using Falcon 9 launchers. Iridium-4 will re-use a previously flown Falcon 9 Block 3 first stage which will attempt a powered landing on the Drone Ship ‘Just Read The Instructions.’


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(Saturday) 01:27 UTC


Space Launch Complex 4

Vandenberg AFB Space Launch Complex 4, Lompoc, CA, United States