Falcon 9 FT – Countdown Timeline

All Times Approximate.

Time Event
L-15:00:00 Falcon 9 to Vertical
L-10:00:00 Countdown Initiation, Launch Vehicle Power-Up
L-6:00:00 First Weather Balloon Release
L-5:00:00 Launch Area Evacuation
L-4:45:00 Range Controllers on Station
L-4:35:00 Falcon 9 Attitude Control System N2 Loading
L-5:00:00 Launch Area Evacuation
L-2:45:00 Falcon 9 RF & Telemetry Checks
L-2:30:00 Falcon 9 Launch Vehicle Release System Test
L-2:25:00 TEA-TEB Bleed In
L-1:45:00 Comm & FTS Checks
L-1:40:00 Data Flow Tests with Downrange Tracking Stations
L-1:00:00 Weather Briefing
L-0:50:00 RF Link Checks
L-0:45:00 Pre-Load Hold Point, Propellant Polls
L-0:45:00 Blast Danger Area Clear, Roadblocks Established
L-0:45:00 Flight Control System Setup (Flight Software Loading)
L-0:45:00 Final Tank Chill-In
L-0:40:00 Ready for Prop Load
L-0:38:00 Launch Readiness Poll
L-0:36:00 Tanks vented for Prop Loading
T-0:35:00 Automated Countdown Sequence, Master Script Running
T-0:34:45 Launch Enable to Flight Mode
T-0:34:30 RP-1 Flow to both Stages
T-0:33:30 Stage 1 Liquid Oxygen Loading
T-0:32:30 Confirm nominal Fuel Flow Rates
T-0:32:00 Latest Prop Flow Start
T-0:29:30 Stage 1 Helium Load
T-0:27:00 Spacecraft to Internal Power
T-0:25:30 Fuel Collector Pre-Valves Closed
T-0:25:00 All three Cryo Helium Pumps active
T-0:22:00 Stage 2 Fuel Loading Complete
T-0:19:30 Stage 2 Liquid Oxygen Loading
T-0:17:20 Stage 1 LOX Flowrate Adjustment for Stage 2 Fast Fill
T-0:13:15 Stage 2 Helium Loading
T-0:13:00 Stage 2 LOX Flow Adjustment for Helium Cryo Load
T-0:13:00 Countdown Recycle Point
T-0:12:45 Merlin 1D & MVac BTV Activation
T-0:10:15 Grid Fin Pneumatics Secured
T-0:10:05 Boostback Hazards Disabled
T-0:10:00 Stage 2 Venting for LOX Fast Fill
T-0:09:50 Flight Software Final Setups complete
T-0:09:45 TEA-TEB Ignition System Setup
T-0:09:45 Stage 2 Transmitter Re-Activation
T-0:09:30 M1D Trim Valve Cycling
T-0:09:15 Stage 1 Helium Topping
T-0:07:45 MVac Fuel Trim Valve Setup
T-0:07:30 Engine Chill Readiness
T-0:07:00 Engine Chilldown (Bleed Valves Open, both Stages
T-0:07:00 Spacecraft on Internal Power
T-0:06:45 Stage 2 Helium Transition to Pipeline
T-0:06:35 MVac Hydraulics at Bleed Pressure
T-0:06:05 M1D Engines to TVC-Null Position
T-0:05:20 Flight Computers in Self-Alignment
T-0:05:20 Stage 1 Fuel Loading Complete
T-0:05:15 Launch Vehicle Heater Deactivation
T-0:05:00 Falcon 9 to Internal Power
T-0:05:00 Range Control Comm Check
T-0:05:00 Second Stage Nitrogen Loading Termination
T-0:04:50 Pressurization for Strongback Retract
T-0:04:40 Stage 2 TVC Bleed
T-0:04:30 Stage 2 RP-1 Bleed
T-0:04:30 Stage 2 Thrust Vector Control Test
T-0:04:20 Verify Good Self-Alignment
T-0:04:10 Strongback Cradles Opening
T-0:04:00 Vehicle Release Auto Sequence
T-0:03:40 TEA-TEB Ignition System Auto Sequence
T-0:03:30 Strongback Retraction
T-0:03:25 Flight Termination System to Internal Power
T-0:03:15 FTS on Internal
T-0:03:05 Flight Termination System Armed, FTS Ready for Launch
T-0:02:55 Verify Good Mvac TVC
T-0:02:45 Fuel Trim Valve to Flight Position
T-0:02:40 Stage 1 LOX at Flight Level
T-0:02:40 FTS Countdown Sequence
T-0:02:35 Strongback Retraction Complete
T-0:02:05 Stage 2 LOX at Flight Level
T-0:02:00 Falcon 9 Transfer to Internal Power Complete
T-0:01:35 Flight Control to Self Alignment
T-0:01:30 Launch Director: Go for Launch
T-0:01:30 Final Engine Chilldown
T-0:01:25 Helium Loading Termination
T-0:01:20 Engine Purge
T-0:01:00 Flight Computer to start-up
T-0:00:50 Stage 1, Stage 2 Pressurization for Flight
T-0:00:50 First Stage Thrust Vector Actuator Test
T-0:00:30 HOLD Call for Abort
T-0:00:20 All Tanks at Flight Pressure
T-0:00:15 Arm Pyrotechnics
T-0:00:10 Latest VC Abort
T-0:00:07 Pad Deck Water Deluge System Activation
T-0:00:03 Merlin Engine Ignition
T-0:00:00 LIFTOFF