India’s GSLV Rocket aims for third consecutive Success, lifting INSAT Weather Satellite on Thursday

The Indian Space Research Organization is counting down to the launch of its Geosynchronous Satellite Launch vehicle on Thursday, carrying the INSAT-3DR weather satellite into orbit to reinforce India’s weather forecasting capabilities.

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International Assortment of Satellites lifted by Indian PSLV Rocket

India’s PSLV rocket roared into the skies of the country’s East Coast on Wednesday under the loud thunder of its large solid-fueled first stage and six boosters fitted to the vehicle for extra thrust to lift a payload consisting of 20 international satellites into orbit.

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India’s Reusable Launch Vehicle Testbed soars to Success in first High-Speed Flight

India’s first winged space plane took to the skies Monday morning in the country’s first test of reusable launch vehicle technology, marking the first step in a long development process aiming for a fully reusable two-stage rocket flying some time in the next 15 years.

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