Soyuz Flight Profile (Kanopus-V 3, 4 & Others)

Launch Timeline

Time Event
T-0:00:20 Launch Command
T-0:00:14 Preliminary Thrust Level
T-0:00:05 To Full Thrust Level
T+0:00:00 LIFTOFF
T+0:01:58 Booster Separation
T+0:03:48 Payload Fairing Jettison
T+0:04:46 Core Stage Shutdown
T+0:04:47 3rd Stage Ignition & Staging
T+0:04:57 Aft Section Cover Jettison
T+0:08:49 3rd Stage Separation
T+0:08:54 Fregat First Burn
Burn Duration: 0:55
T+0:09:49 Fregat Upper Stage Cutoff
T+0:55:42 Fregat Re-Start
Duration: 01:25
T+0:57:17 Fregat Shutdown
T+0:58:57 Kanopus-V No.3 Separation
T+1:04:47 Kanopus-V No.4 Separation
T+1:36:40 Fregat Re-Start
Duration: 01:07
T+1:37:47 Fregat Shutdown
T+2:19:10 Fregat Re-Start
Duration: 01:06
T+2:20:16 Fregat Shutdown
T+2:25:44 S-NET Separation (10sec Intervals)
T+2:29:54 Separation of 4 x Lemur-2 & D-Star ONE 1.1
T+3:10:00 Fregat Orbit-Lowering Sequence (2 Burns)
Duration: 1:01:40
T+4:51:10 Fregat Deorbit Burn
Duration: 01:48
T+5:37:26 Fregat Re-Entry (Pacific Ocean)

Mission Data

Mission: Soyuz / Kanopus-V 3 & 4
Launch Vehicle: Soyuz  2-1A / Fregat
Launch Site: 1S Vostochny Cosmodrome
Primary Payload: Kanopus-v No.3 & 4 (2 x 490kg)
Secondary Payloads: 4 x S-NET, 4 x Lemur-2, D-Star ONE v.1.1 Phoenix

Launch Date: February 1, 2018
Launch Time: 02:07:18 UTC

Mission Duration: 5 Hours & 27 Minutes
Mission Design: Two-Orbit Mission w/ Deorbit

Orbital Data

Kanopus Target Orbit:
Type: Sun Synchronous Orbit
Perigee: 479 km
Apogee: 529 km
Inclination: 97.44°

Secondary Payload Target Orbit:
Type: Sun Synchronous Orbit
Perigee: 564 km
Apogee: 567 km
Inclination: 97.72°

Photo: Roscosmos
Image: Arianespace/Lavochkin Association