Re-Entry: Vermont Lunar CubeSat

Photo: VTC
Photo: VTC

The Vermont Lunar CubeSat re-entered the atmosphere on November 21, 2015 after spending exactly two years in Orbit, dedicated to the demonstration of technology for a CubeSat mission to lunar orbit.

NORAD ID: 39407
Origin: USA
Object: Vermont Lunar CubeSat
Type: 1U CubeSat
Mass: 1kg
Inclination: 40.5°
Launched: November 20, 2013 – 01:15 UTC
Launch Vehicle: Minotaur I
Launch Site: Wallops, Virinia, USA

Re-Entry Prediction: November 21, 2015 – 19:02 UTC +/- 180 Minutes
Re-Entry Zone: Unknown

Re-Entry Orbits
Image: Spaceflight101/Orbitron
Image: Spaceflight101/Orbitron