Re-Entry: OSNSAT

Photo: GAUSS

The OSNSAT PicoSatellite re-entered Earth’s atmosphere on January 11, 2018 after a free-flying mission of 13 months, launching aboard the Tu-POD 3U CubeSat operated by Gauss Srl. and deployed from the International Space Station in January 2017 with deployment of the TubeSat three days after release.

OSNSAT is a TubeSat based on a Interorbital Systems (IOS) satellite kit and operated by Open Space Network, a Californian Space space startup. The 0.75-Kilogram satellite is based on a commercial kit from Interorbital Systems (IOS), California.

NORAD ID: 41939
Object: OSNSAT
Type: TubeSat
Origin: U.S.

Launch: Aboard HTV-6 Cargo Spacecraft
Launch Date: December 9, 2016 – 13:26:47 UTC
Launch Vehicle: H-IIB
Launch Site: Tanegashima Space Center, Japan

Released from ISS: January 16, 2017 – 10:50 UTC
TubeSat Release: January 19, 2017 – ~23:30 UTC
Inclination: 51.6°

Re-Entry Prediction: January 11, 2018 – 09:45 UTC +/- 30 Minutes
Re-Entry Zone: Unknown

Re-Entry Orbit
Image: Spaceflight101/Orbitron