ISS Operations Update – March 3, 2016


MAGVECTOR – Power Supply Switch & connection of hardware to USB for experiment run. [The MagVector study is an interesting experiment that will expose a variable electrical conductor to Earth’s magnetic field to study the interaction between the conductor and the magnetic field in a range of different environments using extremely sensitive magnetic sensors installed around the conductor. The experiment will be installed in the European Drawer Rack that will provide a cooled vacuum to have the experiment take place in vacuum conditions. Earth’s magnetic field vector and overall field strength is measured in parallel to provide data for comparisons.]

Education Payloads Operations (EPO) – AstroPi

Robonaut – Camera Setup for upcoming Robonaut Ops

SPHERES – Battery Charging

Vzir Experiment Operations and Tagup [Vzir (Viewfinder) uses the SKPF-U (Photo Image Coordinate Reference System) hardware, a photo image coordinate reference system using ultrasound sensors and a camera for general target views.]

Identification – Micro-Accelerometer Data Download [The Identification Payload records structural dynamics data inside the individual modules of the Russian Segment to provide structural data to improve spacecraft design.]

Otklik Experiment Hardware Check [Otklik uses several piezoelectric sensors to track the impacts of small particles and debris on the exterior of the International Space Station to monitor the abundance of debris events and a series of other characteristics. These measurements provide valuable data for the construction of future spacecraft]


Nominal Inspections/Servicing Tasks (Morning Inspection, Caution & Warning Panel Check, Sozh System Maintenance) (Russian Crew)

Urine Processing Assembly: Separator Plumbing Assembly (SPA) Replacement (After successful R/R of the SPA, the Urine Processing Assembly turned on but immediately faulted due to a high-pressure trigger, suggesting a lack of flow through the SPA. Troubleshooting steps did not bring improvement and the SPA was again replaced with a different spare, though no flow was seen.)

Semi-annual BRI Router Cleaning. Express-check of nominal network configuration

Other Acitivities:

Inventory of USOS Food Rations

PAO Event

Tagup with Lead Expedition Flight Director

Tweets from Space: