ISS Operations Update – April 18, 2016


BEAM Installation – The Bigelow Expandable Activity Module was successfully installed on Saturday (Article)

Microchannel Diffusion – Light Microscopy Module (LMM) Setup [Microchannel Diffusion is a nanoscience and nanotechnology investigation looking at fluid dynamics at the nanoscale to learn how fluids and microparticles interact with surfaces of microchannels at this small scale, going down to the atomic level. This type of technology could find application in a number of areas such as nanofluidic sensors, drug delivery to specific places in an organism and many other applications in medicine, biology and technology. The laws that control the flow through nanoscale channels are not yet fully understood and experimental data for the generation of fluid dynamic models is needed. ISS provides a unique environment for the study of nanoscale dynamics decoupled from the influence of gravity.]

Genes in Space – Experiment Prep [Genes in Space is a student-developed experiment to test whether the polymerase chain reaction (PCR) can be used to study DNA alterations aboard a spacecraft. Spaceflight is known to cause alterations to human DNA and lead to weakened immune responses in astronauts. Understanding whether DNA changes and immune system degradation are linked is a major objective in ongoing space research, but DNA technology that would enable monitoring of these changes is not fully tested in space.]

Electromagnetic Levitator Cable Replacement [The EML provides containerless melting and solidification of electrically conductive samples in an ultra-high vacuum or a high-purity gas environment. A spherical sample is positioned by a system of coils that hold the sample in a position where it has no contact to another structure for melting at temperatures of up to 2,100°C utilizing Eddy currents that are induced in the sample by the electromagnetic field generated by the coils. Heating is caused by Ohmic losses of the induced currents; the interaction of the Eddy currents with the electromagnetic field causes a displacement force that keeps the sample levitating freely.]

Centerling Berthing Camera System Stowage after successful BEAM installation

Onboard Training – Medical Contingency Drill