november, 2017

28nov00:00Soyuz 2-1B • Meteor-M No. 2-1

Event Details

Launch Date: November 28, 2017
Launch Window: TBA
Launch Vehicle: Soyuz 2-1B / Fregat
Launch Operator: Roscosmos, Glavkosmos
Launch Site: Vostochny 1S, Russia
Payload: Meteor-M No. 2-1
Secondary Payloads: Flock-2 (Multiple)
Lemur-2 (Multiple)
Telesat LEO Prototype
D-Star One


A Russian government-operated Soyuz will launch the Meteor-M No. 2-1 meteorological satellite into a polar orbit from the Vostochny Cosmodrome in Russia’s far east. This will be the second-ever launch from Vostochny after the facility opened for business in 2016. The 2,700-Kilogram Meteor-M No. 2-1 hosts seven payloads for the collection and transmission of weather data including multi-channel imagery, atmospheric sounding data and specialized products for ice cover and space weather monitoring. Russian operator Glavkosmos manifested a number of commercial satellites on this mission riding as secondary and targeting a multi-orbit delivery provided by the Fregat Upper Stage.


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? Launch Vehicle Overview: Soyuz 2-1B 

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(Tuesday) 00:00 UTC


Vostochny 1S

Vostochny Cosmodrome, Oblast Amur, Russia, 676470