april, 2018

11apr22:34PSLV C41 • IRNSS-1I

Event Details

Launch Date: April 11, 2018
Launch Window: 22:34 UTC
Launch Vehicle: Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle
Launch Operator: Indian Space Research Organization
Launch Site: Satish Dhawan Space Center
Payload: IRNSS-1I (IRNSS-1A Replacement)
Satellite Operator: ISRO


India’s Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle, flying in its XL configuration, will launch the IRNSS-1I Navigation Satellite into a sub-Geostationary Transfer Orbit to replenish the country’s Navic Regional Navigation Satellite System. This launch follows up on the 2017 Failure of the PSLV rocket lifting the IRNSS-1H satellite originally intended to replace the first satellite in the seven-satellite constellation which has lost its atomic clocks due to a design flaw and left the system without redundancy. Spiraling up into Geosynchronous Orbit, the satellite will replace IRNSS-1A and restore the constellation to full capacity.


Mission Resources:

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(Wednesday) 22:34 UTC


Satish Dhawan Space Center

Satish Dhawan Space Centre, Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh 524124, Indien