may, 2018

08may00:00Long March 4C • Gaofen-5

Event Details

Launch Date: May 8, 2018
Launch Window: TBA
Launch Vehicle: Long March 4C
Launch Operator: CALT
Launch Site: Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center
Payload: Gaofen-5
Satellite Type: Earth Observation


A Chinese Long March 4C will deliver the Gaofen-5 multi-instrumented remote sensing satellite to orbit to join China’s primary civilian Earth-observation constellation that comprises a variety of differently-instrumented satellite in different orbits to collect a vast data set of land, ocean, and atmospheric parameters. Gaofen-5, based on the SAST-5000B satellite platform, sets out on an eight-year mission to collect hyper-spectral imaging data, detect greenhouse gas emissions, conduct high-resolution spectrometry for atmospheric trace gases and test out a directional polarization cameras for application in remote sensing.


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(Tuesday) 00:00 UTC


Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center