november, 2017

14nov18:40Long March 4C • Fengyun-3D

Event Details

Launch Date: November 14, 2017
Launch Window: ~18:40 UTC
Launch Vehicle: Long March 4C
Launch Operator: CALT
Launch Site: Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center
Payload: Fengyun-3D (FY-3D)
Satellite Type: Meteorology
Secondary Payload: Head-1


A Chinese Long March 4C will deliver the Fengyun-3D weather satellite into a Sun Synchronous Orbit to support China’s numerical weather forecasting capabilities as well as climate science. Fengyun-3 is the second generation of Chinese polar orbiting meteorological satellites, introduced in 2008 with the launch of FY-3A. Weighing in at 2,200 Kilograms, the FY-3 satellites host a total of 12 instruments to capture multi-spectral imagery, collect atmospheric soundings, capture mircowave and infrared emissions, measure space radiation and collect ozone measurements. FY-3D is intended as reinforcement and replacement for the three FY-3-class satellites launch to date, the latest reaching orbit in 2013.


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(Tuesday) 18:40 UTC


Taiyuan Satellite Launch Center