march, 2018

29mar17:55Long March 3B • 2 Beidou-3 (MEO-5 & 6)

Event Details

Launch Date: March 29, 2018
Launch Window: ~17:55 UTC
Launch Vehicle: Long March 3B / YZ-1
Launch Operator: CALT
Launch Site: LC2, Xichang Satellite Launch Center
Payload: Beidou-3 MEO-5
Beidou-3 MEO-6
Satellite Type: Navigation


A Chinese Long March 3B rocket with a Yuanzheng-1 upper stage will lift a pair of Beidou-3 navigation satellites into a 21,500-Kilometer Medium Earth Orbit to join the Compass Navigation Satellite System to support its fully operational capability by the end of the decade. Beidou-3 comprises satellites in Geostationary Orbit, inclined Geosynchronous Orbits and Medium Earth Orbits to provide global coverage and compatibility with China’s previous two navigation system generations.

This is the fifth dual-launch in support of the Beidou-3 MEO generation, involving two CAST-built satellites. It is the third Beidou-3 mission in 2018, expected to become the constellation’s busiest year to date with up to 18 Beidou satellites headed into orbit to bring the constellation to initial operational strength.


Mission Resources:

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Launch Weather

? Launch Site Schedule


(Thursday) 17:55 UTC


Xichang Satellite Launch Center