january, 2018

11jan23:00Long March 3B • 2 Beidou-3 (M7 & M8 ?)

Event Details

Launch Date: January 11, 2018
Launch Window: ~23 UTC
Launch Vehicle: Long March 3B / YZ-1
Launch Operator: CALT
Launch Site: Xichang Satellite Launch Center
Payload: Beidou-3M7 (TBC)
Beidou-3M8 (TBC)
Satellite Type: Navigation


A Chinese Long March 3B rocket with a Yuanzheng-1 upper stage will lift a pair of Beidou-3 navigation satellites into a 21,500-Kilometer Medium Earth Orbit to join the Compass Navigation Satellite System to support its fully operational capability by the end of the decade. Beidou-3 comprises satellites in Geostationary Orbit, inclined Geosynchronous Orbits and Medium Earth Orbits to provide global coverage and compatibility with China’s previous two navigation system generations.

This is the third dual-launch in support of the Beidou-3 MEO generation, involving two CAS-built satellites. Their designation is not fully clear – media information suggests Beidou-3 M7 and M8 were shipped for this launch (if launched in numerical order, their designation would be M3 & M4).


Mission Resources:

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Launch Weather

? Launch Site Schedule


(Thursday) 23:00 UTC


Xichang Satellite Launch Center