june, 2018

11jun00:00H-IIA (F39) • IGS Radar 6

Event Details

Launch Date: June 11, 2018
Launch Window: 04:00-06:00 UTC
Launch Vehicle: H-IIA
Launch Operator: Mitsubishi Heavy Industries
Launch Site: Yoshinobu, Tanegashima Space Center, Japan
Payload: IGS Radar 6
Payload Type: Radar Reconnaissance Satellite


A Japanese H-IIA rocket will launch the sixth operational radar reconnaissance in Japan’s Information Gathering Satellite System. Japan initiated the Information Gathering Satellite (IGS) Program in 1998 as the country’s first space-based intelligence program to collect data over foreign territories to warn of any potential military threats in the Asia-Pacific Region. The program was in large part driven by the test launch of a North Korean Taepodong rocket that overflew the Japanese territory in 1998 in an apparent attempt to place an object into orbit using a modified intermediate-range ballistic missile.


Mission Resources:

? Launch Vehicle Overview: H-IIA 202

? Payload Overview: Information Gathering Satellites

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Launch Weather

?Launch Site Schedule


(Monday) 00:00 UTC


Tanegashima Pad 1

Yoshinobu Launch Complex LP-1, Japan, 〒891-3793 Kagoshima-ken, Kumage-gun, Minamitane-chō, Kukinaga, 南種子町茎永麻津