january, 2018

17jan21:06Epsilon • ASNARO-2

Event Details

Launch Date:  January 17, 2018
Launch Window: 21:06:11-21:30:13 UTC
Launch Vehicle: Enhanced Epsilon
Launch Operator: JAXA
Launch Site: Uchinoura Space Center, Japan
Payload: ASNARO-2 (New System Architecture for Observation)
Satellite Operator: JAXA


Conducting its second mission, Japan’s Enhanced Espilon Launch Vehicle will lift the ASNARO-2 radar satellite into orbit to join the New System Architecture for Observation, a constellation of small satellites with different sensor equipment to deliver a comprehensive set of Earth observation parameters. With a mass of 570 Kilograms, ASNARO-2 can deliver all-weather, round-the-clock radar imagery at a ground sample distance of one meter and an observable swath width of 10 Kilometers. This is the third overall flight for Epsilon, delayed from November 2017 due to electrical problems on the launch vehicle.


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(Wednesday) 21:06 UTC


Uchinoura Space Center

Uchinoura Space Center, Japan, 〒893-1402 Kagoshima-ken, Kimotsuki-gun, Kimotsuki-chō, 肝付町Minamikata, 1791−13