april, 2018

12apr00:00Atlas V • AFSPC 11

Event Details

Launch Date: April 12, 2018
Launch Window: TBA
Launch Vehicle: Atlas V 551 (AV-081)
Launch Operator: United Launch Alliance
Launch Site: SLC-41 Cape Canaveral Air Force Station, Florida
Payload: AFSPC 11
Secondary Payloads: Eagle
Payload Operator: U.S. Air Force


A United Launch Alliance Atlas V rocket will launch the Air Force Space Command 11 mission for the U.S. Air Force, utilizing the heavy-lift Atlas V 551 configuration with five Solid Rocket Boosters on the vehicle’s first stage. The AFSPC 11 mission will fly an as-of-yet undisclosed primary payload and a number of secondary payloads hosted on the ESPA Augmented Geostationary Laboratory Experiment (EAGLE), led by the Air Force Research Lab with Orbital ATK as prime contractor. EAGLE uses an ESPA Adapter with deployable solar arrays, Moog propulsion module and five slots for Space Test Program-sponsored payloads that will conduct a series of technology demonstrations.


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🚀 Launch Vehicle Overview:  Atlas V 551

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(Thursday) 00:00 UTC


Space Launch Complex 41

Launch Complex 41, Brevard County, FL, United States