december, 2017

12dec18:36Ariane 5 (VA240) • Galileo FM-15-18

Event Details

Launch Date: December 12, 2017
Launch Window: 18:36:07 UTC
Launch Vehicle: Ariane 5 ES/Galileo
Launch Operator: Arianespace
Launch Site: ELA-3, Guiana Space Center, French Guiana
Payload: Galileo FM-15 (Nicole)
Galileo FM-16 (Zofia)
Galileo FM-17 (Alexandre)
Galileo FM-18 (Irina)
Spacecraft Manufacturer: OHB Systems & SSTL
Satellite Operator: ESA


An Ariane 5 rocket, flying in its ES/Galileo configuration, will launch four Galileo satellites into orbit to join the Galileo Navigation Satellite System. This is the second Galileo quadruplet launch atop an Ariane 5 rocket in the continued effort to deploy the fully operational Galileo constellation for an in-service date of 2020. Flying with a modified EPS Second Stage, Ariane 5 will be tasked with directly delivering the satellites into their checkout orbit 22,900 Kilometers in altitude.


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(Tuesday) 18:36 UTC


ELA-3 Guiana Space Center

Centre Spatial Guyanais, Kourou 97387, Französisch-Guyana