Atlas V - WorldView-4 - Launch Profile

Launch Timeline

Time Event
T-0:00:02.7 Stage 1 - RD-180 Ignition
T-0 Liftoff
T+0:00:02.1 Full Thrust Level
T+0:00:17.5 Pitch/Roll Maneuver Initiation
T+0:01:19.1 Mach 1
T+0:01:33:7 Maximum Dynamic Pressure
RL-10C Boost Phase Cool-Down
Centaur RCS Pyro Valve Initiation
Stage 1 Throttle down for MECO
T+0:04:03.1 Main Engine Cutoff
T+0:04:09.1 Atlas/Centaur Separation
T+0:04:19.1 Centaur Ignition 1 - Burn Duration: 11:17.8
T+0:04:27.1 Payload Fairing Jettison
T+0:15:36.9 Centaur Cutoff 1
T+0:15:36.9 Coast Phase - Duration: 3:39.0
T+0:19:15.9 WorldView-4 Separation
Centaur CCAM, Coast Phase
T+2:11:45.9 Start of CubeSat Deployment
Centaur Burn to Depletion (Solar Orbit)

Target Orbit

Type: Sun Synchronous Orbit

Perigee: 610.5 km

Apogee: 628.3 km

Inclination: 97.96°

Local Time of Descending Node: 10:30

Launch Azimuth: 185.60°

Image: ULA
Image: ULA
Ground Track Map
Credit: United Launch Alliance
Credit: United Launch Alliance