Atlas V Launches WorldView-4

ULA's Atlas V rocket is set to make its comeback mission from California after a year-long break and a lengthy delay to this mission caused by a massive wildfire at Vandenberg Air Force Base. Lifting off from California's Central Coast, Atlas V will be tasked with a 14-minute climb to orbit to deliver the WorldView-4 Commercial Earth-Imaging Satellite followed by a two-hour secondary mission to deploy seven small Cube Sats.

Launch Date: November 11, 2016Launch Updates
Window: 18:30 - 18:46 UTCWorldView-4 Satellite
Launch Site: SLC-3E, VandenbergENTERPRISE CubeSats
Launch Vehicle: Atlas V 401Atlas V 401
Payload: WorldView-4 (2,086kg)Countdown Timeline
Ascent Duration: 19 MinutesLaunch Profile
Secondary Payloads: ENTERPRISE CubeSats 
Deployment: T+2 Hours 11 Minutes