Flight Profile - Vega VV08

Launch Timeline

Time Event
T-0:04:00 Start of Synchronized Sequence
T-0 P80 First Stage Ignition & Liftoff
T+0:01:54 P80 Separation
T+0:01:55 Zefiro-23 Second Stage Ignition
T+0:03:37 Zefiro-23 Separation
T+0:03:54 Zefiro-9 Third Stage Ignition
T+0:03:59 Payload Fairing Separation
T+0:06:36 Zefiro-9 Separation
T+0:08:21 AVUM - 1st Main Engine Start
T+0:08:21 Burn Duration: 6 Min & 19 Sec
T+0:14:40 AVUM - 1st Shutdown
T+0:54:01 AVUM - 2nd Main Engine Start
T+0:54:01 Burn Duration: 1 Min & 42 Sec
T+0:55:43 AVUM - 2nd Shutdown
T+0:57:19 Göktürk-1 Separation
T+1:46:10 AVUM - 3rd Main Engine Start (Deorbit)
T+1:47:36 AVUM - 3rd Shutdown
T+2:00:56 Vega - End of Mission

Launch Info

Launch Vehicle: Vega
Launch Site: ZLV, French Guiana
Launch Date: December 5, 2016
Launch Time: 13:51:44 UTC

Payloads: Göktürk-1A (1,060kg)

Mission Duration: 2 Hours & 1 Minute

Target Orbit

Type: Sun Synchronous Orbit
Altitude: 700 Kilometers
Inclination: 98.11°

Payload Configuration
Image: Arianespace
Image: Arianespace
Image: Arianespace
Image: Arianespace