Vega Countdown Overview Timeline

Time Event
L-7:45:00 Countdown Initiation
L-6:45:00 Verification of Communication Systems & Tracking Stations
L-5:40:00 Activation of Multi Function Unit
L-5:30:00 Telemetry Transmitter Activation
Inertial Reference System Power-Up
L-4:55:00 Flight Computer Activation & Software Load
L-4:50:00 Activation of Safeguard Master Unit
L-4:25:00 Onboard Master Clock Synchronization
L-4:20:00 Inertial Reference System Alignment and Checkouts
L-4:00:00 Weather Briefing
L-3:40:00 Removal of Safety Devices
L-2:40:00 Mobile Gantry Removal – 45 Minutes
L-1:55:00 SRI Activation
L-1:20:00 Transponder Activation
Telemetry Transmitter Activation after MSG Removal
L-0:34:00 Launcher System Ready for Synchronized Sequence
L-0:10:00 Final Weather Report
T-0:04:00 Start of Synchronized Sequence
T-0:00:00 P80 Ignition
T+0:00:00.3 LIFTOFF