Turksat 4A

Image: MELCO
Image: MELCO

The Turksat 4A spacecraft is a commercial communications satellite built by Mitsubishi Electric (MELCO) for operation by Turksat AS. The contract for the Turksat 4A and 4B satellites was awarded to MELCO in 2011 and included the training of Turkish spacecraft operators at MELCO.

The satellite is based on the DS-2000 satellite bus that first flew in 2002 and is capable of providing 15kW of power to facilitate powerful communication payloads for mission durations of 15 years and beyond. Turksat 4A has a total launch mass of 4,850 Kilograms.

The satellite is equipped with two 3-panel solar arrays for power generation, a chemical propulsion system for apogee maneuvers and orbital adjustments and navigation and stabilization equipment. Turksat 4A carries a communication payload consisting of 2 Ka-Band and 28 Ku-Band transponders as well as C-Band transponders and an X-Band payload for use by the Turkish military.

Stationed at 42 degrees East in Geostationary Orbit, Turksat 4A will provide coverage to Africa, Europe, the middle East and South and Central Asia with spotbeam coverage of Turkey. Turksat 4A will provide TV broadcasting and communication services for commercial and government customers.