Photo: Tsukuba University
Photo: Tsukuba University

The ITF-1 CubeSat Project is being managed by Tsukuba University. The university slogan is Imagine The Future – explaining the satellite’s name. ITF-1 is also known as YUI meaning bond in Japanese coming from the project concept “Creating the Worldwide Human Community.”

The 1U CubeSat uses the 435MHz UHF Band to send telemetry data (temperatures, voltages & its call sign) and morse code by audio frequency modulation to engage people around the world to share the messages received from the spacecraft.

Also, the satellite demonstrates the use of a FRAM (Ferroelectric RAM) micro computer for satellite control, evaluating its tolerance to the radiation environment found in orbit. Another demonstration that is being performed is the use of a ultra small-sized antenna. The printed loop antenna requires no deployment and will demonstrate its reliability over the course of the satellite’s life.

The 1-Kilogram satellite has the typical CubeSat features – body-mounted solar panels, a nickel hydride battery, a rudimentary attitude control system using a permanent magnet and a standard communications system.