Eutelsat 25B/Es’hail 1

Photo: Space Sytems/Loral
Photo: Space Sytems/Loral

The Eutelsat 25B Satellite also known as Es’hail 1 is a commercial communications satellite manufactured by Space Systems/Loral for operation by Eutelsat Communications and ictQATAR (representing the State of Qatar). The spacecraft is based on SSL’s LS-1300 spacecraft bus and weighs about 6,000 Kilograms at launch. LS-1300 is a modular spacecraft bus that can accommodate a variety of powerful communication payloads. The spacecraft is equipped with two deployable solar arrays each containing five panels and onboard batteries for power storage.

The spacecraft is equipped with 32 Ku-Band and 14 Ka-Band transponders representing a high-capacity satellite to operate at 25.5 degrees East in Geostationary Orbit to provide communication services to the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia regions. The spacecraft features four steerable spot beam antennas and four deployable reflectors, along with advanced command and telemetry capabilities.

The Ku-Band payload will improve existing coverage in this region while the Ka-Band payload provides communication services to businesses such as video communications, enterprise applications as well as government services. Eutelsat 25B will also provide Direct-to-Home television services.

The satellite will operate for at least 15 years.