Image: Israel Aerospace Industries
Image: Israel Aerospace Industries

AMOS-4 is a commercial communications satellite that was built by Israel Aerospace Industries and is operated by Spacecom, Israel. The satellite is based on the AMOS-HP satellite bus – a larger platform than that used for previous AMOS satellites. The 3,500-Kilogram satellite is equipped with two 2-panel solar arrays for power generation and batteries for power storage. The platform is three axis stabilized using state of the art navigation equipment.

The vehicle is equipped with an S400 Propulsion System for apogee burns and larger orbit maintenance maneuvers. The S400 series built by EADS Astrium are bi-propellant engines using Monomethylhydrazine and Mixed Oxides of Nitrogen as propellants. Depending on the version used, S400 provides 420 to 425 Newtons of Thrust with a specific impulse of 318-321 seconds.

AMOS-4 carries a high-power Ku- and Ka-Band payload that will provide communication services to Russia, the Middle East and other areas in East Asia offering cross-band and cross-beam connectivity.

The satellite will provide Direct-To-Home (DTH), video distribution, VSAT communications and broadband Internet.

Eight 108 MHz Ku-Band and four high-power Ka-Band transponders at 216 MHz are installed on the satellite. AMOS-4 features two shaped steerable Ku-Band beams covering Russia and regions of India with optional steering to portions of Asia, Europe, the Middle East and South Africa. One shaped Ka-beam is covering the Middle East with optional coverage of Russia, India, China, other regions of Asia and South Africa.

AMOS-4 will operate at 65 degrees for an expected service life of 12 years.