Soyuz FG – Countdown Timeline

Time Event
L-34:00:00 Tanking Preparations
L-08:30:00 Crew Wake-up
L-08:00:00 Final Countdown commences
L-08:00:00 Soyuz Spacecraft & Launch Vehicle Activation
L-08:00:00 Soyuz Systems Checks
L-06:00:00 Battery Installation in Booster
L-06:00:00 Crew Departs Cosmonaut Hotel
L-05:30:00 State Commission Meeting
L-05:15:00 Crew Arrives at Site 254, Final Medical Checks
L-05:00:00 Propellant Loading
L-04:20:00 Crew dons Sokol Suits
L-04:00:00 Liquid Oxygen loading complete
L-03:40:00 Crew reports to Delegations
L-03:10:00 Crew departs Site 254
L-03:00:00 Tanking Cars depart
L-02:40:00 Crew arrives at Launch Site
L-02:30:00 Crew Ingress
L-02:10:00 Internal Soyuz Hatch Closure
L-02:00:00 Orbital Module Side Hatch Closure
L-02:00:00 Launch Shroud Close Outs
L-01:45:00 Sokol Air Flow Initiation
L-01:45:00 Soyuz Spacecraft pressurization
L-01:45:00 Soyuz Systems Checks
L-01:45:00 Launcher Systems Checks
L-01:30:00 Internal Soyuz Hatch Pressure Checks
L-01:30:00 Communication System Activation
L-01:30:00 Sokol Leak Check
L-01:00:00 Guidance System Activation
L-01:00:00 Launch Pad Evacuation
L-00:45:00 Flight Computer Software Load
L-00:45:00 Service Tower Retraction (Service Structure Halves)
L-00:40:00 Sokol Pressure Verification
L-00:40:00 Pre-Launch Crew Checklist Complete
L-00:30:00 Launch Command Power Activation
L-00:30:00 SAS Launch Abort System Activation
L-00:25:00 Removal of Service Towers
L-00:15:00 Sokol Checks complete
L-00:15:00 Launch Pad clear
L-00:15:00 Escape System in Auto Mode
L-00:15:00 Service Structure Power System Deactivation
L-00:14:00 Soyuz Spacecraft to Autonomous Power
L-00:10:00 Ten-Minute Launch Readiness
L-00:10:00 Inertial Guidance System Activation
L-00:10:00 On-Board Recorders activated
L-00:08:00 Crew Members Close Helmets & Initiate Suit Air
T-00:05:30 Launch Key Inserted in Launch Bunker
T-00:05:00 RUN 1 Command
T-00:05:00 Ground & On-Board Telemetry Activation
T-00:05:00 Transfer to onboard Control
T-00:05:00 Commander Controls activated
T-00:05:00 Visors Closed and Air Flow Initiation
T-00:03:15 Engine Nitrogen Purge
T-00:02:50 Propellant Drainback
T-00:02:40 Spacecraft Power Umbilical Disconnected
T-00:02:35 Propellant Tank Pressurization
T-00:02:30 RUN 2 Command
T-00:02:30 Onboard Measurement System Activation
T-00:02:15 Propellant Tank Drain&Safety Valves closed
T-00:02:15 LOX and N2 Loading Termination
T-00:01:00 Transfer to Internal Power
T-00:00:40 Third Stage Umbilical Mast Retraction
T-00:00:20 ENGINE IGNITION (Core Stage and Boosters)
T-00:00:20 Core Stage Umbilical Mast Retraction
T-00:00:15 Intermediate Thrust Level
T-00:00:10 Engine Turbopumps at Flight Speed
T-00:00:05 Full Thrust Level
T-00:00:00 Booster Umbilical Tower Retraction
T-00:00:00 LIFTOFF