Progress MS-03 Cargo Manifest

Item Mass
Total Cargo Upmass 2,405kg
Refueling Propellant for Transfer to ISS Tanks 705kg
Pressurized Oxygen for ISS Repressurization 28kg
Pressurized Air for ISS Repressurization 22kg
Water inside Rodnik Tank 420kg
Total Dry Cargo Mass 1,230kg
Atmospheric Maintenance System (P-16 Absorber) 19kg
Water System Components (purification columns, water separator, EDV Tank, etc.) 273kg
Sanitary Equipment (Russian Toilet Replaceable Parts, solid waste containers, water tanks.) 148kg
Medical Supplies (medical aid kits, medical monitoring system, crew clothing, cleaning supplies, countermeasures, etc.) 135kg
Food Provisions (food containers, fresh food, etc.) 318kg
Thermal Control System Hardware 19kg
Electrical Power System (800A Battery Block) 78kg
Navigation & Control System 22kg
Maintenance supplies (cargo bags, liners, tools, batteries, etc.) 23kg
Crew Support (flight data files,care packages for the crew, video & still cameras, etc.) 31kg
Science Payloads 15kg
Miscellaneous (Packing Case) 5kg
Zarya Module Equipment (Sanitary Wipes & Disinfectant; Battery Block) 83kg
Pirs and Poisk Module Outfitting Hardware (Dust Filters, Heat Exchanger) 39kg
American Cargo (Environmental Control System Hardware, etc.) 22kg