Minotaur V Countdown Timeline

Time Event
L-5:00:00 Pre-Range Setup
L-4:00:00 Mobile Access Tower Retraction
L-4:00:00 Pre-Launch Checklist begins
L-4:00:00 Launch Vehicle Testing
L-4:00:00 S-Band Communication Checks
L-4:00:00 Flight Termination System Checks
L-4:00:00 Nav System Alignment
L-4:00:00 Star 48 '& Star 37 TVC Checks
L-3:30:00 Minotaur & GSE Power-Down
L-2:30:00 Final Vehicle Close Outs
L-2:30:00 Ordnance Arming
L-1:30:00 Launch Site Operations complete
L-1:30:00 Red Team to launch Position
L-1:00:00 Final Launch Checklist
L-0:50:00 Launch Vehicle on External Power
L-0:50:00 Nav System Alignment
L-0:30:00 Transmitter Activation
L-0:26:00 FTS Activation and Open Loop Testing
L-0:16:00 GO/No GO Poll
L-0:15:00 Launch Area Clear
L-0:12:00 T-0 Time Determination
L-0:10:00 FTS to Internal Power
L-0:08:00 FTS Armed
L-0:05:00 Launch Vehicle to Internal Power
L-0:04:00 Guidance System to Flight Mode
L-0:02:00 Auto Sequence Start
L-0:02:00 Flight Computer in Control
L-0:02:00 Safe and Arm Devices to Arm
L-0:02:00 SR-118 Gas Generator Squibbed
T-0:01:50 T-2 Limit Checks
T-0:01:45 Ordnance Arm Enable
T-0:01:40 Arm Booster Ordnance
T-0:01:00 Control Unit Checks
T-0:00:30 FTS Internal Verify
T-0:00:10 Status Check
T-0 SR-118 Ignition & LIFTOFF