Minotaur I Countdown Timeline

Time Event
T-5:00:00 Launch Team on Console
T-4:30:00 Minotaur Power-Up
T-4:30:00 Pre-Launch Checklist Begins
T-4:30:00 Launch Vehicle Testing
T-4:30:00 S-Band Communication Checks
T-4:30:00 Flight Termination System Checks
T-4:30:00 Nav System Alignment
T-4:30:00 TVC Steering Checks
T-4:30:00 TDRSS Verification
T-4:30:00 Gantry Rollback
T-3:00:00 Minotaur & GSE Deactivation
T-2:30:00 Optional Hold
T-2:25:00 Final Ordnance Arming
T-2:25:00 Launch Vehicle & Pad Closeouts
T-1:50:00 Launch Pad Evacuation
T-1:40:00 GSE Activation
T-1:00:00 Final Launch Checklist
T-1:00:00 Minotaur Activation
T-0:55:00 Vehicle on external Power
T-0:55:00 Nav System Alignment
T-0:53:00 S-Band Testing
T-0:40:00 Blast Danger Area clear
T-0:37:00 Electrical Checks
T-0:30:00 Tracking Beacon Checks
T-0:25:00 Flight Termination System Checks
T-0:20:00 Weather Verification
T-0:15:00 Status Check
T-0:14:00 Launch Time Verification
T-0:12:00 Launch Time Load into Flight Computer
T-0:12:00 Payload to internal Power
T-0:09:00 FTS to internal Power
T-0:08:00 FTS arm
T-0:07:00 Payloads in Launch Config
T-0:07:00 Go/No Go Poll
T-0:06:00 Ground Ordnance enabled
T-0:05:00 Minotaur to internal Power
T-0:04:30 External Power Off
T-0:04:10 Auto Sequencer Enabled, Computer arm
T-0:04:00 Flight Computer to Launch Mode
T-0:04:00 T-4 Limit Checks
T-0:03:50 Inertial Navigation System in Nav Mode
T-0:03:40 C-Band Transponder verify on internal
T-0:03:00 Range Verification
T-0:02:30 Nozzle Control Unit Electronic Power On
T-0:02:00 Auto Sequence Start
T-0:02:00 T-2 Limit Checks
T-0:01:30 Ordnance Arm
T-0:01:20 Minuteman armed
T-0:01:15 Orion armed
T-0:00:50 Data Recorder Activation
T-0:00:40 Nozzle Control Unit Battery Activation
T-0:00:30 NCU External Off
T-0:00:20 Batteries Go
T-0:00:00 Ignition & LIFTOFF