Electron's "Still Testing" Mission

Rocket Lab's Electron Launch Vehicle is set for its second test flight during a multi-day launch window in January 2018, setting out to achieve the final push to orbit after a successful 2017 test flight that demonstrated the rocket to be of sound design but ultimately falling short of orbit. Dubbed "Still Testing," is carrying three pathfinder CubeSats from Spire Global and Planet Labs.

Electron, an innovative modern-day rocket, is the first orbital launch vehicle to employ an all-composite structure and use 3D printing for the majority of its engine components. Employing electric-pump-fed rocket engines, Electron is the first launcher to use this technology to reach the launch pad. Given the nature of the Still Testing mission, Rocket Lab elected to only launch in near-perfect weather conditions and may therefore decide to defer the mission to a later date if winds aloft do not line up as needed.

Live Video by Rocket Lab

Launch Date: January 21, 2018It's a Test Investigation Outcome
Window: 01:30 - 05:30 UTCStill Testing Delayed from December
Launch Site: Mahia LC-1, New ZealandElectron Launch Vehicle Overview
Launch Vehicle: ElectronCountdown Timeline
Payload: 2x Lemur-2, Dove Pathfinder 
Ascent Duration: 8 Min & 31 Sec 
Target Orbit: 300 x 500 km, 83°