Rosetta's Mission comes to a spectacular Close

ESA's Rosetta mission will conclude on Friday, September 30, 2016 when the faraway spacecraft will make a gentle collision with comet Churyumov-Gerasimenko after a remarkably successful mission of twelve and a half years.

Launched in 2004, Rosetta completed a decade-long, 6.4-billion Kilometer journey taking it to the dark & cold reaches of the Solar System before arriving at its target - the two-lobed comet whose shape has become iconic after Rosetta delivered its first high-resolution photos of the distant world.

Philae, dispatched for an unprecedented landing in November, delivered up-close data from the dark surface while Rosetta complete a two-year examination of 67P to open a window into a distant past of the solar system.

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Rosetta's Journey (Credit: ESA)
Launch2 March 2004
First Earth gravity assist4 March 2005
Mars gravity assist25 February 2007
Second Earth gravity assist13 November 2007
Asteroid Steins flyby5 September 2008
Third Earth gravity assist13 November 2009
Asteroid Lutetia flyby10 July 2010
Enter deep space hibernation8 June 2011
Exit deep space hibernation20 January 2014
Rendezvous manoeuvres begin7 May 2014
Arrive at comet 6 August 2014
Start global mapping10 September 2014
Lander delivery12 November 2014
Perihelion passage13 August 2015
End of mission30 September 2016