ISS Operations Update – May 10, 2016

Photo: NASA
Photo: NASA

Dose Tracker [Dose Tracker uses logs kept by crew members on the frequency of medication intake before, during and after a mission also with regards to side effect qualities frequencies and severities. This data is needed to address theories of medication ineffectiveness during flight and unusual side effects experienced in the flight environment.]

Vzir Experiment Operations and Tagup [Vzir (Viewfinder) uses the SKPF-U (Photo Image Coordinate Reference System) hardware, a photo image coordinate reference system using ultrasound sensors and a camera for general target views.]

SPHEROIDS – Sample Retrieval from KUBIK Incubator [SPHEROIDS studies the effects of microgravity on endothelial cell function with respect to blood vessel formation, cellular proliferation, and programmed cell death.]

Radiation Dosimetry inside ISS-Neutron (RaDI-N) Dosimeter Retrieval

JAXA High Quality Protein Crystal Growth (PCG) Removal from Cell Biology Experiment Facility for return on Dragon [PCG exploits the novel environment aboard ISS for the study of protein crystallization in the absence of gravity to understand the mechanisms of protein crystal growth in order to improve pharmaceutical products on Earth. The human body generates a wide range of cells and proteins, including monoclonal antibodies to fight multiple diseases and pathogens. The crystallization of these proteins allows pharmaceutical researchers to get insight into properties and mechanisms of protein growth using antibodies that are currently undergoing clinical trials in the treatment of several diseases. Growing Protein crystals in space yields larger, more uniform and pristine crystals than those grown on Earth due to the absence of a number of issues such as sedimentation and shear forces, preventing the growth of large molecules.]

Interactions Experiment [‘Vzaimodeistviye’ (Interactions) looks at psychological aspects of long duration space flight during which different cultures come together aboard a Spacecraft such as ISS and seeks to improve crew interactions aboard ISS and with teams on the ground.]

Multi-Omics Saliva Sampling & Questionnaire [Multi-Omics studies the effect of the space environment and prebiotics on astronauts’ immune function.]

Matryoshka-R – Dosimeter Deployment [Matryoshka-R consists of a number of radiation dosimeters that are set up inside the space station to assess radiation exposure of the crew relative to ISS position in its orbit and shielding provided by the modules.]

Other Activities:

Nominal Inspections/Servicing Tasks (Morning Inspection, Caution & Warning Panel Check, Sozh System Maintenance) (Russian Crew)

SpX-8 Dragon Departure Preparation: Dragon Packing for return, Egress & Hatch Closure, Vestibule Outfitting: Installation of Control Panel Assemblies and Central Disk Cover, Removal of Data/Power Jumpers

Node 2 Nadir (N2N)  Control Panel Assembly-2 J5 Cable Remove & Replace

ПФ1-4 Dust Filter Cartridge Replacement in Service Module

Progress MS-02 Cargo Transfers