ISS Operations Update – March 10, 2016


Integrated Resistance and Aerobic Training Study (Sprint) [This study evaluates a high-intensity, low-volume exercise protocol to minimize the loss of muscle, bone and cardiovascular function but also minimizing the time spent with daily exercise. To asses the protocol, crew members conduct regular measurements of VO2max, heart rate (HR) response to submaximal exercise and ventilatory threshold. Monthly ultrasounds of the thigh and calf are used to evaluate spaceflight-induced changes in the muscle volume. Post-flight data on muscle and bone mass is compared to pre-flight measurements and to data from control subjects that use the regular exercise protocol.]

Multi-Omics Sampling & Questionnaire [Multi-Omics studies the effect of the space environment and prebiotics on astronauts’ immune function.]

Habitability [Assessment of International Space Station Vehicle Habitability will see teams on the ground study video of the behavior of crew members within the habitable environment of ISS while the crew fills out questionnaires and collects video of areas of interest in order to provide an assessment of the habitability of ISS in its current state for a one-year mission. Results will be used to develop spacecraft with improved habitability properties to allow crew members to optimally utilize the onboard space.]

Vzir Experiment Operations and Tagup [Vzir (Viewfinder) uses the SKPF-U (Photo Image Coordinate Reference System) hardware, a photo image coordinate reference system using ultrasound sensors and a camera for general target views.]


Nominal Inspections/Servicing Tasks (Morning Inspection, Caution & Warning Panel Check, Sozh System Maintenance) (Russian Crew)

Waste & Hygiene Compartment Maintenance – Replacement of Pre-Treat Bad Quality Sensor & Piping, Dose Pump and Pre-Treat Tank Hose

LAB1P5 Remote Power Control Module Removal & Replacement

C2V2: Tim Peake continued the installation of C2V2 equipment, also routing data cables for the C2V2 (Common Communications for Visiting Vehicles) system, connecting internal radio, power and control equipment with external antennas, installed last year to be ready for the start of commercial crew traffic to ISS.

T2 Treadmill – Quarterly Inspection

HAM Radio Session with University of North Dakota (1,000th ARISS Contact)

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