H-IIB Countdown Timeline

Time Event
X-13:30:00 H-IIB Rollout to Launch Pad
X-13:00:00 Arrival at Launch Pad
X-13:00:00 Connection of Propellant Interfaces
X-13:00:00 Connection of Power/Data Interfaces
X-13:00:00 Launch Vehicle & Pad Closeouts
X-10:40:00 Poll for Propellant Loading
X-10:30:00 400-meter Safety Zone
X-10:30:00 Propellant Loading Set-up
X-08:00:00 Launch Pad Evacuation
X-07:45:00 3,000-meter Safety Zone
X-07:30:00 Propellant Loading Operations:
X-07:30:00 GSE Pressurization & Chilldown
X-07:30:00 Transfer Lines Chilldown
X-07:30:00 Propellant Tank Chilldown
X-07:30:00 Loading of LOX & LH2
X-07:30:00 Propellant Topping & Replenish
X-06:00:00 Attitude Control System Testing
X-05:00:00 Communication Checks
X-04:30:00 Propellant Loading enters Replenish
X-04:00:00 Launch Vehicle: Final Checks
X-01:40:00 Flight Control System Testing
X-01:10:00 GO/No GO for Terminal Count
X-01:00:00 Terminal Countdown Sequence
X-00:10:00 Poll for Automated Countdown
X-00:08:00 Payload to Internal Power
X-00:04:30 Automated Countdown Sequence
X-00:04:30 Propellant Loading Termination
X-00:04:20 Propellant Tank Pressurization
X-00:03:00 Transfer to Internal Power
X-00:02:00 Range & Weather Verification
X-00:01:13 Water Deluge System Activation
X-00:01:00 Flight Termination System Arming
X-00:00:30 Pyrotechnics enabled
X-00:00:18 Guidance System to Flight Mode
X-00:00:10 Hydrogen Burnoff System Activation
X-00:00:05.2 LE-7A Ignition Sequence Start
X-00:00:00 Booster Ignition & LIFTOFF