Space Launch Complex 6

Vandenberg AFB Space Launch Complex 6, Luner Road, Lompoc, CA, United States

Space Launch Complex 6, “Slick Six” is an active orbital launch complex at California’s Vandenberg Air Force Base – currently in use for United Launch Alliance Delta IV and Delta IV Heavy rockets. Construction of SLC-6 started in the mid-1960s for Titan III launches under the Manned Orbiting Laboratory Program which was canceled in 1969. SLC-6 was approved as the site for West Coast launches of the U.S. Space Shuttle and re-construction occurred between 1979-86, though no Orbiters ever took off from the site and SLC-6 was mothballed in 1989. The first operational launch from SLC-6 occurred in 1995 with the Lockheed Martin Launch Vehicle I which suffered an in-flight failure. Rechristened Athena, the vehicle flew two missions from SLC-6 in 1997 and 99 before the complex was leased to Boeing for the Delta IV rocket.

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