Space Launch Complex 4

Vandenberg AFB Space Launch Complex 4, Lompoc, CA, United States

Space Launch Complex 4 at California’s Vandenberg Air Force Base serves as SpaceX’s West Coast launch and landing site for the Falcon 9 and Falcon Heavy rockets.
SLC-4E supported over 68 missions starting in 1964 with Atlas-Agena before the complex began hosting Titan rockets in the 1970s with the final Titan IV to lift off from Vandenberg in 2005, sending SLC-4E into deactivation status.
SLC-4W entered service in 1964 and hosted over 90 launches of Atlas-Agena and Titan IIIB/23G rockets through 2003. SpaceX took over SLC-4E in 2011 to undergo outfitting for the company’s Falcon 9, making its first launch from the site in 2013. SLC-4W was handed over to the company in 2015 to serve as landing pad for Falcon first stages.

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