Electron Countdown Timeline

All Times Approximate
Time Event
T-7:00:00 Formal Countdown Initiation: Pre-Launch Briefing of Officials
T-6:00:00 Closure of Mahia Launch Site Access Road
T-4:00:00 Electron to Vertical Position, Start of Rocket Propellant 1 Loading
T-2:30:00 Launch Pad Evacuation
T-2:00:00 Liquid Oxygen Loading
T-1:00:00 Aviation Authority Advised on T-0 Target to Alert Pilots
T-0:15:00 GO/No GO For Launch
T-0:14:30 Launch Enable Switches to "Enable" (Up)
T-0:14:00 S-Band Communications System to Full RF Power
T-0:12:00 Optional Hold Point, Safe Recycle Point before Terminal Count
T-0:11:30 Range in Terminal Mode
T-0:11:05 Strongback Clamps Opening
T-0:10:00 Strongback Retraction
T-0:10:00 Confirm All Separation Events Armed (Onboard Ordnance)
T-0:10:00 Confirm Stage 2 Battery Hot-Swap is Ready
T-0:10:00 Confirm Stage 1 Batteries Enabled
T-0:09:30 Confirm Stage 1 & 2 Engines Ready, Igniter Pressures Nominal
T-0:08:50 Strongback Retraction Complete
T-0:06:00 Confirm TVC Battery Charging Disabled
T-0:06:00 Flight Termination System on Internal Power
T-0:05:30 Confirm FTS Fail Safe Enabled, FTS GREEN on Internal Power
T-0:04:00 AV Battery Charging Disabled
T-0:03:30 Final Range Status Check
T-0:03:00 Stage 3 to Internal Power, Enable Flight Mode
T-0:02:30 "Vehicle Ready" - Go for Auto Sequence Start
T-0:02:00 Auto Sequence Start
T-0:02:00 Confirm Electron on Internal Power
T-0:01:50 Confirm Ground Power Disabled
T-0:01:40 Liquid Oxygen Tank Pressurization
T-0:01:10 Stage 1 & 2 LOX at Flight Pressure
T-0:01:05 Fuel Tank Pressurization
T-0:00:57 Fast Purge Enabled
T-0:00:55 Stage 2 Fuel at Flight Pressure
T-0:00:45 Water Deluge System Activation
T-0:00:30 GNC Init
T-0:00:20 Final Engine Setup
T-0:00:02 First Stage Ignition
T-0 Hold-Down Release & Liftoff